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2022-05-31 3 Loading Tips Operators Must Know

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3 Loading Tips That Excavator Operators Must Know
Loading is the most basic technology of excavators, and it is also the most test of a driver's technology.
For the same excavator, some people load the truck quickly and save fuel,
and some people grind and chirp when they load it, and they can't do much work in a day.
So, how to improve loading technology?

According to the working scene, excavator loading can be divided into flat loading, high loading and low loading. The three scenarios are different, and the technical difficulty is also different.
Among them, loading on a high platform is relatively simple, while loading on a low platform is more difficult.

Flat loading skills
When loading the truck on the ground, you must first select the station so that the excavator and the dump truck are parallel. A certain distance should be maintained between the excavator and the dump truck. The approximate standard is: when the excavator comes over, the bucket can be positioned above the dump truck, and the angle between the boom and the forearm is about 100 degrees. In this way, the large and small arms can be flexibly displayed, and a safe distance can be maintained between the counterweight of the excavator and the dump truck.

Then you can load the car, no matter from front to back or from back to front, you need to master the rhythm one by one. The bucket needs to be turned from the middle of the back panel of the dump truck every time, and the forearm should be slightly moved when loading the front half to make the material fall in the middle part of the big box. If you are loading sand, you should open the bucket slowly, because the sand is loose, and the sand will start to fall before the bucket is fully opened.

High platform loading skills
High platform loading is that the excavator is at a high place and the dump truck is at a low place, which is the easiest way of loading. This method is labor-saving and high-efficiency, so it is a loading method that is widely preferred by drivers.

The most important thing for high-level loading is to trim the platform. This platform should not be too high. It is best to be close to the height of the dump truck's carriage, so that the excavator can not only see the situation in the carriage, but also accurately place the soil in the right place. Location. During the operation, the excavator should adjust the position at any time, so that the excavator and the dump truck can maintain a proper distance.

The operation of loading on a high platform is relatively simple. When loading, the track should be straightened and the body should be stopped. When loading the vehicle, you should clean up the retreating platform in time for yourself, and always pay attention to the direction of the loading platform to avoid safety accidents.

Low-level loading skills
Low-level loading means that the dump truck is on the flat ground and the excavator is in the low-lying pit. Due to the low position of the excavator, the operator cannot see the situation in the carriage and can only estimate by feeling, so this kind of loading is the most difficult.

Low-level loading generally occurs in work such as digging foundations and dredging. The greater the drop between the excavator's working plane and the ground, the greater the difficulty of loading. When loading, the upper and lower arms should be raised as high as possible to allow the material to slide down as evenly as possible. After the material in the vehicle is piled up, push it back and forth with the bucket, and it can basically be leveled.

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