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2022-05-30 8 inspections must be done before started

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These 8 inspections must be done before the excavator is started, and none of them can be missed!

1. Check the coolant level
Be sure to wait for the engine to cool down before checking the radiator reservoir. If the coolant level is too low, add coolant to the specified position.

2. Check the oil level in the engine oil pan
Wait 15 minutes after the engine has been turned off before checking the oil level. When checking the oil level, the machine should be in a horizontal position. The oil level should be within the specified range.

3. Check diesel oil level
Check the diesel oil level through the observation window on the diesel tank, the oil level gauge or the monitor. If the oil level is too low, replenish the diesel oil and clean the ventilation holes on the diesel tank cover frequently.

4. Check hydraulic oil level
First, park the machine on a flat ground, start the engine and run at idle speed, retract the stick and bucket hydraulic cylinder, lower the boom, and make the bucket teeth touch the ground. After shutting down the engine, operate the lever to relieve internal pressure. At this point, check that the hydraulic oil level is between the upper and lower limits. Because the oil level changes with the oil temperature, the oil level should be at the lower limit position before operation (the oil temperature is between 10 and 30), and the oil level should be at the upper limit during normal operation (the oil temperature is between 50 and 80).

5. Check the air cleaner element
The filter element can be checked, cleaned or replaced according to the display or dust indicator etc.

6. Check electrical wiring
Check whether the fuse is damaged, there is an open circuit or short circuit in the line, and check whether the terminal is loose. If it is loose, tighten it. Carefully check the battery, starter motor, generator. Remove flammable materials around the battery in time. If the fuse is frequently burned out or there is a short circuit in the line, it should be repaired.

7. Check for water and sediment in the excavator oil-water separator
If there are deposits, they should be discarded immediately. When water is drained, if air is sucked into the diesel pipe, it must be released in the same way as the fuel filter.

8. Adjustment of Excavator Driver's Seat and Mirrors
Sit on the seat, recline the backrest, and adjust the position of the seat.
Maneuverable when pedals and levers are in neutral position. Adjust the mirrors on the seat to make it easy to see behind you through the mirrors.

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8 inspections must be done before started

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