HWC-40A All-terrain forklift loaders

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2022-05-10 HWC-40A All-terrain forklift loaders

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New HWC-40A All-terrain forklift loaders in stock
Power: 61.8kw
Tire: 16/70-20
Lift height: 4m

Off-road forklifts, also known as field forklifts, are equipment for loading and unloading materials in airports, docks,
stations and other material distribution centers with poor road conditions. It has good mobility, off-road performance and reliability.

HWC-40A off-road forklift is an efficient stacking operation equipment. Designed to improve work efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

1. The use of ergonomics and CAE technology increases the operating space and makes the operation more comfortable;
2. Using high pressure common rail engine, high pressure multiple injection technology, high fuel efficiency, can save 6% of fuel.
3. The instrument has water temperature, oil quantity and other indicators, and the working conditions are under control.
4. The opening angle of the hood is increased to 80°, which is convenient for maintenance.

All machines have passed the EU CE, France TUV, ISO quality certification.
Don not worry about shipping, well choose the nearest shipping place to ship at the shortest time.
We offer you the manufacturers price, which may be the most cost-effective.

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HWC-40A All-terrain forklift loaders

HWC-40A All-terrain forklift loaders

HWC-40A All-terrain forklift loaders

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