NEW Sinotruk Sitrak G7 Head Tractor 4X2
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Sinotruk Sitrak G7 Head  Tractor 4X2 for sale

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International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW Sinotruk Sitrak G7 Head Tractor 4X2
SITRAK series heavy-duty trucks are localized products of joint-venture brand launched
by SINOTRUK on the basis of the original MAN TG technology .
With the B10 life of 1,500,000kms for engine and 1,000,000 km for transmission and axle, SITRAK establishes a new standard for domestic premium heavy-duty trucks, and with the super-long warranty period of 2-year without mileage limitation, it sets up a new service benchmark for premium heavy-duty trucks.

The performance
Trademark Sinotruk
Platform G7
Drive type 4X2
Vehicle Weight GVW:9,3 tons
GCW:50 tons
Wheelbase 3600 mm
Tire Certification ECE, GCC, ISO, DOT
Wheelbase 3400+1400
Fuel system Fuel Injection Systems
Engine MC13.48-61, 6. Inline, 356(~460 HP) EURO VI
Transmission HW25716XACL automatic with aluminum case transmission (16 forward gear)
Dumping Type Front Lifting Style
Tyre 12R22.5

Super wide low fuel consumption and high torque range of MC11 (localized MAN D20) engine, high performance and high input torque of ZF transmission, high transmission efficiency and low gear ratio of MCY13 (MAN 13 t single reduction drive axle) drive axle, and low wind resistance of the cab allow the truck to maintain the tolerance of driving with low fuel consumption, and achieve the incomparable driving comfort.

The original MAN TG technology, the same product design and production & assembly process, and the persistent enforcement of German standards from production conformity management, test validation to product release, as well as the application of important supporting parts from the original MAN supplier for the engine and the world top-class components for the chassis pull together to guarantee the high reliability of the complete vehicle.

The truck offers the active and passive safety of world top-class heavy-duty trucks. The cab meets the ECE R29 European truck cab strength standard; the steering column allows for deformation and energy absorption in a crash; front disk brake and rear drum brake as well as EVB are supplied as standard configuration, and ABS+ASR+EBL+TPM are optionally available; the powerful electronic management system (BCU+VCU) is equipped. These configurations assure the safety of occupants.

High-performance gearshift operation and pneumatical steering wheel adjustment, large-span less-leaf spring, optimized full floating cab suspension, air seat with lumbar cushion, as well as wide framed berth allow Chinese users to enjoy the ride pleasure of the internationally most advanced heavy-duty truck.

With MANs TGA cab body, the cab is spacious, robust and streamlined, and up to ECE R29 European truck cab strength standard. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, this cab can compare with the car cab regarding ride comfort, and provide you the intelligent and safe drive & ride experience with the help of the intelligent information navigation system.

SINOTRUK exclusively introduces the worlds most advanced MC11 (localized MAN D20) electronic control high-pressure common-rail engine. The vermicular graphite iron body has an ultra strong deformation resistance; the fuel injection system, a new generation Bosch product, has low specific fuel consumption of 186 kg/kw.h; the parts are highly integrated, and save the quantity of parts by 25 percent over similar engines in the world, reducing fault points greatly; the long B10 life of 1,500,000 km is up to the world most advanced standard for engines of heavy-duty trucks; the oil change interval of 60,000 km reduces vehicle cost substantially.

ZF16S 16-speed transmission is adopted. Equipped with overgear, it features high first-gear speed ratio, light weight, good maneuverability, high efficiency, energy conservation and fuel saving and high economy, as well as a B10 life of 1,000,000 km.

MANs MCY13 drive axle, a new-generation single reduction drive axle, is supplied with the SKF maintenance-free bearing unit as standard configuration. The brake shoe clearance is adjusted automatically and free of maintenance, and the lubrication system is equipped with an oil filter. With a B10 life of 1,000,000 km, the axle features high transmission efficiency, low noise and prominent oil conservation.

With products positioned to satisfy domestic customers demands for substitutes for imported heavy-duty trucks and efforts made to comprehensively meet the rigorous requirements of domestic premium logistics for continuous and efficient operations through failure-free operations of top German quality. In the future, SITRAK is bound to bring a win-win mode of efficient and safe operations for domestic premium logistics customers.

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Founded in 1956, Jinan General Auto Works Plant, the predecessor of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (SINOTRUK), is the cradle of Chinas heavy-duty truck industry.
With overwhelming superiorities in technology and market in the heavy-duty truck industry, SINOTRUK have achieved substantial sales at home and abroad, and exported products to over 90 countries, thus being accredited as a national vehicle export base by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce

The specification of the Sinotruk Sitrak G7 Head Tractor 4X2

Drive form 4X2
Length 6417
Width 2550
Wheelbase 3900
Quality of equipment 7400
The engine
Engine type MC13.48-61
The number and position of cylinders 6, in line
Engine displacement 12419
Engine power, KW 356(~460)
Emission standards GB17691-201
Maximum Torque Speed 1050-1350rpm
Rated Speed 1900rpm
Fuel injection system Fuel injection
Transmission system
Type Automatic
The execution unit HW25716XACL automatic transmission with aluminum case (16 forward gear)
Back Bridge MCY13JES rear bridge (13 tons)(Disc brake) i = 3.7
Front bridge VPD71DS front bridge (7t load)(Disc brake)
Brake system Pneumatic double circuit, ABS(4S/4M) ESC
Disc Brake/Drum Brake
Auxiliary braking Engine brake
Front suspension Leaf spring (3 pieces)
Rear suspension Airbags
Tires 12R22.5
Saddle 50#JOST
Saddle height 1200mm
Fuel tank 600+400L (AL)
Air Bottle 600+400L
G7-G classic cab, fairing and side wind plates, low bumper (non-metal),
2 seats, 2 berths, multimedia system, electric heated rearview mirror,
4 camera screens, electric lifting cab,
multi-purpose steering wheel.
Bag for cold area
Two 240ah batteries +
Heating oil +
The CAB is insulated +
Electric rearview mirror heating +
Cab heater 4 kw +

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
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