NEW Panthera UTV Personnel carrier with winch
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Panthera UTV Personnel carrier with winch for sale

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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW Panthera HSD-U-001 Personnel Carrier Tracked Utility Terrain Vehicle with front winch

This is Hasders premium development which is superior to older but popular Swedish and Finnish manufacturers like Hagglunds BV206 and SISU NA-140 .

UTV Crawler transporter is a machine that specializes in providing transportation work in complex road conditions, and is suitable for places where ordinary transport vehicles cannot or are not suitable for passage.
The crawler conveyor uses crawlers instead of wheeled walking, which reduces the damage to the ground. At the same time, the crawler walking device reduces the pressure per unit area of ​​the machine and the ground.
It is suitable for mountains, forests, fields, swamps, sand, grass, snow and soft soil.
Or work in unfavorable weather conditions. Crawler conveyors have larger approach and departure angles. With the same tire size, they can handle deeper mud pits and pools, and complex stone roads. In addition, the crawler conveyor has the size of a vehicle that is suitable for crossing the polar regions, and can easily pass through narrow mountains, rocks, woodlands, and buildings.

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? Engine-Fiat V4 inline Diesel
? Engine power 170ps(125kw)
? Rated Load 4000 kg or 20 persons
? Gears Gearbox-fully automatic 5 forward. 1 reverse
? Top Speed on land:67 km/h on water:9.8 km/h

Advantage and design of the Amphibious PANTHERA UTV Personnel Carrier

This utility terrain vehicle is a movable articulated double-carriage structure composed of two carriages which connected by a steering device.
Each carriage consists of a chassis and a body. The chassis is composed of central beam, side drive and assembly mobile devices.Four independent assembly mobile devices are mutual substitution.
The Personnel Carrier offers a tremendously versatile capability being capable of carrying up to 20 persons or up to 4,000kg of cargo internally.

The body is made of fire-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), with a double-layer structure, which is not only sturdy and durable, lighter than the steel compartment, but also has the function of preventing rollover.

Since Chassis made from Aviation alloy aluminum and the body is made from GRP they do not suffer from the typical rust which other vehicles and that means they will very last.

The personnel Carrier is equipped with bilge pumps in both front and rear compartments to prevent flooding of the vehicle whilst fording or swimming
The two bodies from GRP are perfect buoyant and permit the vehicle to actually swim which is not to be confused with fording. These vehicles can actually swim on still water at a speed of up to 5,29 knots.

The vehicle can be worked in Extremely low temperature environment, since there are ventilation devices and heat exchangers which keep the temperature inside the car higher than the outside, whats more, it can be a demisster.

With all tracks driving these vehicles can climb up 50 degrees inclines in dry conditions and up to 40 degrees in deep snow and whats even better is that as a benefit of the articulated steering, the driver need not worry (as you would with a vehicle pulling a trailer) about what is happening with the rear unit since its tracks follow almost exactly in the footprint of the front ones.

Also the rear carriage is available for customized, it can be modular production, thus our vehicle can be widely used in emergency rescue, off-road transport, obstacles clear, military, tourism etc.

Many Hasders UTV are used by Rescue Organisations simply because of the flexibility of the machine as well as the terrain it can traverse whilst carrying large payloads of equipment or rescuers.
These UTV can now be found in all corners of the world from the freezing cold Polar Regions to the sweltering heat of the Deserts of the Middle East and anywhere in between that you choose to think of.

Optional Equipment and OEM/ODM service:
Intercoms, Front Mounted Recovery Winch, Customised Interiors, Jerry Cans,
Bush Bars, Additional Lighting, Radio Communications, Colour Coded Canvas, GPS navigation and multimedia, heating system, a/c,
additional trailer etc.
Reasonable custom requests will be considered.
Color: Any colour from the RAL range and your logo

On the basis of this car we can make for you any modifications, such as: a recovery vehicle, mobile field hospital, technical support vehicle, truck with tipper body or rear or side discharge, fuel or water carrier, cargo version with hydraulic crane, all-terrain vehicle for hunters, with large windows to transport tourists and others

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The specification of the Panthera UTV Personnel carrier with winch

Engine Fiat V4 inline diesel
Engine power 170h s(125kw)
Torque 460Nm
Swept Volume 2.9981
Transmission torque 400Nm
Gears Gearbox-fully automatic
5 forward. 1 reverse
Size 7680*1900*2340mm
Curb weight 5.7 tonnes
Rated Load 4000 kg or 20 people 4000kg or 20 persons
Top Speed on land:67km/h on water:9.8km/h
Gradeability hard surface: 48º| deep snow: 30º
Chassis material Aviation alloy aluminum
Maximum climbing angle 45º
Maximum Roll angle 30º
Maximum trench crossing capacity 1.5m
Max Side Slope 36º
Range, on roads 400km
Ground Pressure 10.2kPa
Minimum Operatina Temp -45ºC
Swept Volume 2.998L
Torque 460Nm
Steering System Articulated hydrostatic
Turning Radius 6m
Tracks Molded Rubber Width 620mm
Bodies DSM GRP
Chassis Aviation alloy aluminum
Alternator 14V 150Ah
Batteries 1xl2V.105Ah
Front Car
Curb Weight 3050kg
Payload 1000kg
Gross Weight 4050kg
Passengers 5(6)
Cargo Space 3.5m²
Rear Car
Curb Weight 2550kg
Payload 3000kg
Gross Weight 5550kg
Passengers 14
Cargo Space 6.5m²
Curb Weight 5600kg
Payload 4000kg
Gross Weight 9600kg
Passengers 19(20)
Cargo Space 10m²

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
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